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Older teens who are social media users more frequently share: While boys and girls generally share personal information on social media profiles at the same rates, cell phone numbers are a key exception. Various differences between white and African-American social media-using teens are also significant, with the most notable being the lower likelihood that African-American teens will disclose their real names on a social media profile (95% of white social media-using teens do this vs. Beyond basic profile information, some teens choose to enable the automatic inclusion of location information when they post.Boys are significantly more likely to share their numbers than girls (26% vs. Some 16% of teen social media users said they set up their profile or account so that it automatically includes their location in posts.However, few teens embrace a fully public approach to social media.

From a New York Times bestselling author: When billionaire Derek returns to his hometown, he discovers his first love, Jasmine, hiding a child he didn’t know he had.Overall, teens have far fewer followers on Twitter when compared with Facebook friends; the typical (median) teen Facebook user has 300 friends, while the typical (median) teen Twitter user has 79 followers.Girls and older teens tend to have substantially larger Facebook friend networks compared with boys and younger teens.Teens have a variety of ways to make available or limit access to their personal information on social media sites.Privacy settings are one of many tools in a teen’s personal data management arsenal.Two in five (39%) African-American teens use Twitter, while 23% of white teens use the service.