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After several small and supporting roles in the 1998 Origin of the Species, Southie and Playing by Heart, Peet had her first major role as Jacqueline Barrett in the 1999 WB network series Jack & Jill (which aired for two seasons).

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Some Nonsense They Just HAVE TO Ask You Or Tell You About- It could be "Do you remember Jill who used to live next door to us?

" I ran into her and she wanted to say Hi to you, so I'm just letting you know.

I need to know if it's okay to give her your number." It could also be "My boss is buying a house and he needs the name of the lawyer you used when you bought your house, so let me know." How about, "We're having the Smiths over for dinner Saturday night and I need your broccoli casserole recipe.

I know you don't want to talk to me, but it will only take you a minute to call me back." Or, "Aunt Trish is coming for a visit and I want to show her the pictures from your 6th grade graduation (or your kid's pictures), so can you send them to me?

DO NOT leave a forwarding address at the post office- after the forwarding period is up, any card or letter your abuser sends you will get returned to him with your forwarding address on it; instead contact each of your creditors, friends, and anyone you want to keep in touch with individually and advise them of your new address. NO Letting Them Know When Your Children Get Married, Where They Live, Work, or Go To School, Or When Your Grandkids Are Born. Narcissists do not understand limits, maintaining a comfortable distance, taking it slow, or being cordial while still keeping someone at arm’s length. It's time to put a period on it, walk away, and never look back. Time to do what you must to protect yourself and your loved ones from evil people who would do you harm.

They only deal in extremes, and must be totally enmeshed with you, with no boundaries or restrictions. Because of this, it’s important to accept that it is NOT possible to have “limited” or “occasional” contact- for instance, only when there is a big event like a wedding or funeral. If you break No Contact, you will only be sucked back in.

If you have moved on with your life and left the past in the past, you won't feel the need to.

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Especially on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day, if you really want to enjoy a nice, peaceful holiday with your loved ones, make sure you lock the door, take your phone off the hook, plug in the electric fence, pull up the drawbridge, and throw the crocodiles in the moat. Big occasions- expect birthday cards for you and your children, invitations to your abuser’s anniversary, wedding, retirement, or birthday party, and calls “informing” you of other relatives’ weddings, births of babies, etc.If you continue to ignore it, it will lessen and probably stop for awhile as your abuser moves on to other victims.However, expect periodic contact for ten years or longer, especially whenever your abuser loses one of her other victims.Nothing in your abuser’s life requires your immediate attention.Take the time to think about it and figure out what’s really going on and how you might want to handle it in a way that’s best for YOU, which probably means not getting involved at all.I'll get them back to you as soon as I can." Another favorite ploy: "Mom wants to know if you still have Grandma's necklace that she gave you twenty years ago.