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The "Decree and Directory for Masses with Children" published by the Holy See in 1973 speaks of this topic in Nos.

16-17 regarding "Masses for Adults at which Children are Also Present": "16.

There are 364 days of the year in which we ought to give due prayerful attention to the Eucharistic mystery. But then could it not be explicitly stated that after the midnight of Maundy Thursday our entire attention should be on the Passion of Our Lord and thus also helping in the better understanding of the term altar of repose?

" The question turns on what is meant by "no solemnity" after midnight on Holy or Maundy Thursday (Maundy is probably derived from the Latin antiphon "Mandatum Novum," or New Commandment, which was sung during the Washing of Feet).

Likewise, if the Divine Office is prayed in church on Good Friday it should be celebrated in the main body of the building, not at the altar of repose.

It does not preclude however, any traditional private devotions and visits to the tabernacle nor, strictly speaking, would it exclude organizing turns of adoration to accompany the tabernacle, especially in those places where it is traditional to leave the church open all night or where the circumstances make it necessary to always have someone present to prevent profanation.

The lack of solemnity effectively means that after Midnight Good Friday has begun, attention should be turned toward the Lord's Passion.

Therefore, public prayers should not be organized at the altar of repose after this time and in some places the number of lighted candles is reduced.

18)" and "If the number of children is large, it may at times be suitable to plan the Mass so that it corresponds more closely to the needs of the children.

Adults can in turn benefit spiritually from experiencing the part that the children have within the Christian community. Nevertheless, in Masses of this kind it is necessary to take great care that the children present do not feel neglected because of their inability to participate or to understand what happens and what is proclaimed in the celebration.

The Christian spirit of the family is greatly fostered when children take part in these Masses together with their parents and other family members. Some account should be taken of their presence: for example, by speaking to them directly in the introductory comments (as at the beginning and the end of Mass) and at some point in the homily.

This rite of transfer of the Blessed Sacrament may not be carried out if the Liturgy of the Lord's Passion will not be celebrated in that same church on the following day." Thus, chapels that do not have Holy Week services do not set up an altar of repose.

On Holy Thursday afternoon the Eucharist should be removed from the tabernacle and locked away in a dignified and secure place until Easter Sunday.