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Michael and I have been running one of the most in depth NLP monthly training programs available anywhere.

It's called the Platinum Audio News Club and is designed to teach you the technology of NLP from the inside out, from the principles to the techniques so you can REALLY get good at the ENTIRE domain of NLP.

My old college football coach used to say, "Perfect practice makes perfect"... We all know you need the right tools/equipment to practice perfectly.

Michael has provided us with the perfect tool."First things first.

The mix of studio & live material has enabled me to grasp just how natural the anchoring process really is as opposed to the perceived (kneesies) approach.

Rather than a bunch of techniques you learn all the principles behind the techniques to enable you to anchor inventively in everyday situations.

The following weeks will build on this knowledge and Now we know that you may questions as you go through this course, so we have had Michael answer the most common questions our first 100 customers have had and you will get access to this very special bonus too.

“The 30 Days To Masterful NLP Anchoring product was by far the most helpful business NLP training product I've purchased to date.

You don't have to worry about missing a thing; you can pause, rewind, skip or jump to the bits you want to revisit or watch over again and again.

" to any of these questions, then I have some important news for you .. In fact, this list of questions was created from years of personal experience and from learning about this key area of NLP for myself.

I'm am sure you are aware of what anchoring is and you've probably read about it in a book or learnt about anchoring from a seminar.

Note: when I say real world, in this context I am referring to daily interactions at home or in the business field.

In a coaching/therapy context some people will use the anchoring methods mentioned to great effect, but why be limited to only being able to do kinaesthetic anchoring.