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It ruled that rescission is not permitted for slight or casual breach of the contract but only for such breaches as are substantial and fundamental as to defeat the object of the parties in making the agreement.

It disposed of the case as follows: On the other hand, [respondent] is hereby directed to immediately update her account insofar as the parking slot is concerned, without interest, surcharges or penalties charged therein. The report on the ocular inspection conducted on the subject condominium project and subject unit shows that the amenities under the approved plan have not yet been provided as of May 3, 2002, and that the subject unit has not been delivered to [respondent] as of August 28, 2002, which is beyond the period of development of December 1999 under the license to sell.

Main Index Law Library Philippine Laws, Statutes & Codes Latest Legal Updates Philippine Legal Resources Significant Philippine Legal Resources Worldwide Legal Resources Philippine Supreme Court Decisions United States Jurisprudence dated April 30, 2013 of the Court of Appeals (CA) in CA-G. On September 24, 1997, respondent paid the full purchase price of P7,519,371.80 for the unit while making a down payment of P20,000.00 for the parking lot.

Respondent likewise purchased a parking slot in the same condominium building for P600,000.00.

Wherefore, the decision of the Office below is set aside and a new decision is rendered as follows: Records show that [petitioner] received its copy of the 30 March 2006 HLURB Decision on 17 April 2006 and instead of filing an appeal, it opted first to file a Motion for Reconsideration on 28 April 2006 or eleven (11) days thereafter. But where such a motion for reconsideration has been filed during office hours of the last day of the period herein provided, the appeal must be made within the day following receipt of the denial of said motion by the appealing party.

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The delay in the completion of the project in accordance with the license to sell also renders [petitioner] liable for the payment of administrative fine. 1344 which are special laws that provide an exception to Section 1 of Administrative Order No. Corollary thereto, The time during which a motion for reconsideration has been pending with the Ministry/Agency concerned shall be deducted from the period of appeal.If there are special laws governing particular cases which provide for a shorter or longer reglementary period, the same shall prevail over the thirty-day period provided for in the administrative order.This is in line with the rule in statutory construction that an administrative rule or regulation, in order to be valid, must not contradict but conform to the provisions of the enabling law.In like manner, we find no cogent reason to exempt petitioner from the effects of its failure to comply with the rules.In an avuncular case, we have held that while the dismissal of an appeal on purely technical grounds is concededly frowned upon, it bears emphasizing that the procedural requirements of the rules on appeal are not harmless and trivial technicalities that litigants can just discard and disregard at will.Petitioner received the HLURB Board Resolution denying its Motion for Reconsideration on July 23, 2007 and filed its appeal only on August 7, 2007.