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If you want to try the hacks for yourself, download Her from the i Tunes App Store, or request to be notified when Her is available for Android here.

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I’m terrible at dating in general, but my go-to online dating move is to get a message from someone cute, and never ever respond. So, when Robyn Exton, the CEO at Her (stylized as HER), a dating app centered on lesbian, bi, and queer women, asked me if I was interested in their latest study on the best hacks for their app, a small, scathing, and very single voice inside me hissed, "You need this." The PR photos didn’t hurt.

Who wouldn’t want to be in that pile of cute women?

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Air Force Academy black cadet 'victim' of racial remarks. Is this our future, where some become 'victims' of their OWN perpetrated fake hate crimes and expect 'empathy' for lying? [br](ttm)[style ff:segoe print;co:#000000;b;]Topic Today is : [br] [style ff:segoe print;co:#ff1c23;b;] why do people act the way they do [br][style ff:segoe print;co:#1c4dff;b;]Your age and gender are not provided.

Unsurprisingly, it was the photo of my dog trying to lick my face.

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Not only did I spare myself the messages from hetero couples looking to spice up their marriages, I also took more chances. Oh, your six things you couldn’t live without weren’t creative enough? I am a terrible coward who will use any excuse I can find to avoid interaction, so the lack of information available on Her worked for me.When it comes to online dating, I can be a judgmental jerk-face. The other plus was that I couldn’t see how many people I’d liked.I got a notification each time one of those people also liked me, but I couldn’t scroll through the users who hadn’t responded and wonder where I went wrong (like I tend to with unanswered Ok Cupid messages).But as I was scrolling, I accidentally liked someone who was clearly out of my league. "Hey" was four times more popular as a conversation opener according to Her's study.I will never stop feeling like my thumbs are too big to navigate an i Phone. My first message on Her was this stunningly creative gem: "Hey how was your weekend? Once I got over the initial fear of liking photos, I became a photo-liking fiend.In the five days I used Her, I talked to 11 users, interacted with a global and local community, and (drum roll here) actually landed a date.