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Video games provide a diverse set of experiences and related activities and are part of the lives of almost all teens in America.

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His riffs on the Bacharach-David scene are definitively swinging and Sixties, but somehow timeless, too.Where Eagles Dare Ron Goodwin, 1968'Broadsword calling Danny Boy.' The cable car scene.Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid Bob Dylan, 1973Dylan's lazily strummed soundtrack, where banjos bounce and Knockin' on Heaven's Door makes weariness sound wonderful, spoke volumes.

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Here he sticks to the piano and lets Gayle sugar-coat his picaresque brand of romance.

Once Upon a Time in the West Ennio Morricone, 1968The Michelin-starred masterpiece of spaghetti westerns found its musical match in Ennio Morricone's quirky, creepy and sweepingly emotional score.

The Godfather II Nino Rota/Carmine Coppola, 1974Just as Francis Ford Coppola's sequel is even more nuanced and resonant than The Godfather, so its score - in which Nino Rota's haunting theme is supplemented by new pieces by Coppola's father, Carmine - is even better. Its big, brilliant soundtrack of jukebox classics did all the work for it.

Trouble Man Marvin Gaye, 1972'There's only three things that's for sure: taxes, death and trouble,' Marvin Gaye sings on the opening track of this noirish, nervy and mainly instrumental soundtrack about a tough private detective.

Diva Vladimir Cosma, 1981Cosma's score, for a slick, super-stylish thriller about an opera singer who refuses to be recorded, introduced a new kind of ambient, keyboard-driven cool to soundtracks. Various, Arista, 1979The cream of Britain's original burst of post-punk chart stars - Ian Dury, Elvis Costello, The Only Ones, The Undertones - plus American interlopers (Patti Smith, Richard Hell) get their hits out.