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Section 5(Subject-Matter and Scope of Application)1. This Code shall apply to the processing of personal data, including data held abroad, where the processing is performed by any entity established either in the State’s territory or in a place that is under the State’s sovereignty.2.

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Alaska: And I wouldn’t say that’s the entire basis… that there’s the concept of there being so many demons.

There’s aspects of these two opposites of action and reflection or acts of rationality and acts of impulsivity in everybody’s lives. So we’re trying to express those in a more poetic way than something clinical or didactic. Alaska: It was kind of a statement about being in America too. I’ve actually been to the Grey Goose pagoda where the story starts, which was a pretty interesting experience for me years ago when I went to China. And on the Silk Road they run into all the demons and so on because so many people would starve to death, get killed by avalanche, winds, you know, etc.

When she happens to catch your eye, you realize that her beautiful face is beaming with the glow of a woman who is captivated by your presence as a man.

And when you hold her, she settles into your grasp as if she hopes you will never let go. If she isn't yet, what is your plan for finding her?

It’s like going back home even though this is our home here, which is kind of the tongue-in-cheek irony of it all. It’s a little bit like–I hate when people say this– it’s kind of like Texas in Canada.

And then..do you get inside her head so that SHE THINKS ABOUT YOU ALL THE TIME?

Will she continue to feel that passionately towards you FOREVER?

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