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If, on the other hand, they end up not liking him, then your boyfriend can become a wedge between you and your kids, and that creates tension for everyone.

The last thing you want to do is to jeopardize the life that you have carefully reconstructed for yourself and your kids.Don't encourage your kids to call your new love interest Dad or invite his kids to call you Mom.These kids already have a mom and a dad, and being told to start calling someone else Mom or Dad only serves to confuse them or make them feel awkward; and it could even cause tension with their actual mom or dad.Feel free to date, but try to schedule your dates on evenings that your kids are with their dad or otherwise away. If your new boyfriend has kids, resist the urge to wage a campaign to win them over right away.Women who do this think that getting in good with the kids will help impress their new love interest and advance their budding romantic relationship.You won't like every thing about his kids, and they won't like every single thing about you.