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As elsewhere in the Pacific, cannibalism was part of warfare.

Previous dating of some Kiore (Polynesian rat) bones at 50 – 150 CE has now been shown to have been unreliable; new samples of bone (and now also of unequivocally rat-gnawed woody seed cases) match the 1280 CE date of the earliest archaeological sites and the beginning of sustained, anthropogenic deforestation.

The original settlers quickly exploited the abundant large game in New Zealand, such as moa, which were large flightless ratites pushed to extinction by about 1500.

As moa and other large game became scarce or extinct, Māori culture underwent major change, with regional differences.

The interventionist policies of the Third National Government were replaced by "Rogernomics", a commitment to a free market economy.

Foreign policy after 1980 became more independent especially in pushing for a nuclear-free zone.