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My product is to generate phone calls and leads to local businesses across the US, NOT just for Taxi. I had a friend from grade school who was a locksmith.

Time is passing by, and time spent on half measures and false starts is time lost forever. If you own a small business, particularly a local one, I’d love to help you out! (https://getconvos.com) is the name of the company I’m creating, because that’s what I want businesses to have with their customers and what I wanted to have when testing with user traffic. Within a few more weeks registration will be public.At first it was nasty, I’d lose money very quickly like playing craps in the casinos, but eventually started trying new things and new methods. My main income source was still my Outsourcing Product Management.I could have done it faster than three months but you can only take so many calls a day and I wanted to actually talk to the users. I wasn’t so methodical in my data collecting (taking my Macbook into the cab would have gotten it stolen within a week), but I found that a good share of the calls that came in actually cost me nothing at all besides a few cents of Twilio money, using some secret sauce methods. One special night, there was a husband with a cuckold fantasy who paid me to have sex with his wife.It’s pretty terrible out there for small to midsize businesses. Telemarketers would not be a worry as they’d be blocked and if they do get by, the calls are recorded (with informing the caller beforehand of course).There’s companies like Yext which will put up businesses on sites like Google My Business and many others, but most of those can be done by hand by a thirteen year old kid with no allowance.My phone was still in the car and they didn’t seem interested in that, and just took off after taking another 40$ out of my wallet.