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This study group will be an ongoing reading/discussion group dedicated to understanding the nature of technology, technological systems, and the impact that technological […] Written by michael Friday, 09/09/2016 - Monday, 09/12/2016 @ All Day - September 9th-12th and Beyond Kinross Correctional Facility, the MDOC and Prisons Across the US and the Globe IN SOLIDARITY WITH OTHER PRISON PROTESTS ACROSS THE US ****UPDATES FROM KINROSS**** True to form, the state has responded with misinformation, suppression and repression. Hundreds of men have been relocated, many to level [...] Written by jonathan Monday, 09/12/2016 @ pm - pm - Join B.
Philological analysis of Archaic Latin works, such as those of Plautus, which contain snippets of everyday speech, indicates that a spoken language, Vulgar Latin (termed sermo vulgi, "the speech of the masses", by Cicero), existed concurrently with literate Classical Latin.

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“He’s not every child with autism.” “For the autistic audience they can see themselves reflected on screen on a mainstream channel and think ‘somebody else sees the world like I do.

I’m not completely different’.” Mc Guinness, who has two children, added: “It’s very exciting, I want people to talk about it and tweet about it and so awareness is part of the story.” Pablo will be broadcast on CBeebies at 9am on October 2 and there are six games on the CBeebies website, each based on a core personality trait of a character in the show.

As I said, he is high-functioning, so the “signs” he exhibited in public were subtle; needing to smell every bite of his food before he ate it, for example.

He also had a sort of photographic memory in that he could remember and describe every tiny detail of my apartment — from the perfumes in my bathroom to the hinges on my cabinets — after seeing it once.

In fact, he had turned many of those tendencies into assets, his unique and ingenious approach to poetics being the most obvious and, for me, heart-stopping.

Social cues did not register for him, so he had taught himself to read body language and facial expressions which, at the very least, helped him tell if something was off about a person, even if he couldn’t figure out what exactly they were trying to communicate.

I wanted to scream expletives at him, eviscerate his ego, slap him, do something to show him just how hurt I was. You realized you deserved way better than what he could possibly give. He never wanted me to hide anything from him — the thing that would drive him away was not the intensity of my emotions or anything I had to say, but the hiding of those emotions and not expressing them.

Instead, I took a deep breath and clicked the window closed. Paul and I dated for three months; not long, I know, and we had been long-distance for most of it.

He had to have certain things just so — in winter and fall, even on days when it wasn’t that cold, he had to wear long-underwear under his pants.This was heightened by the fact that his mom was recently paralyzed and bedridden; by inviting me to meet her, a woman who means more to him than anyone, I felt moved and honored. “My mom, especially, is happy to know I’ve got someone to watch over me.” I knew how important that was.After all, if not for his mother’s constant attention when he was a child first exhibiting signs of autism, he might not have ever made eye contact, let alone been confident reading in public.I liked his silver sneakers and was curious about the array of pens in his suit pocket.His hair was curly and wild and he looked like a cross between a young Samuel Clemens and a mustached James Franco.When he got up to read his prose, he went from being the weird guy who caught my eye to “Holy crap, who is this person and why is my heart pounding so much?