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The Professional version of the plugin allows CSS rules to be embed in the shortcode. I contacted Iptanus and described my problem and Nickolas asked for access to the site I was having the problem on. To my great embarrassment, it was caused by one of the new plugins I had installed and thought I had checked. This plugin did everything we needed it to, except for one thing: the files couldn’t be viewed or downloaded on i Pad.
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Drew meets attractive job applicant Lisa and the two become friendly fast.However, once Lisa is hired, he is worried about dating her because Winfred-Louder's rules prohibit management from dating an employee.Kate is depressed that most women she knew are married and she isn't and the guys throw a fake marriage ceremony to cheer her up.While on the way back in the limo, Drew reveals to Kate that he had a crush on her during high school.Drew attaches a cartoon to the bottom of a memo in the hopes of boosting company morale and is later obsessed to find out who was the lone offended employee that complained to Mr. It turns out to be Nora from Accounting who also ends up filing a lawsuit against Drew.

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Winfred-Louder employees decide to go on strike a few weeks before Christmas.

However, Drew discovers he is only interested in making Kate his latest conquest.

The guys confront Kate's intimidating ex-boyfriend Barry, who refuses to pick up his stuff and makes incessant phone calls to Kate at work.

Later, when Earl does show up at Drew's house, he is nabbed by Chuck, the store security guard. Bell promises Drew a promotion in exchange for training his nephew Blaine, who turns out to be a lazy, nepotistic pest.

Kate mistakenly sells an expensive perfume for much less than it's worth and turns to Drew for help.