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Now you're changing tacts and asking if small occasional lies are a feature of bipolar disorder.Msg 7 has is a broad comment bipolar emotional instability. And it doesn't explain lying - it merely comments on the lack of predictable behavior from some undertreated bipolar patients.I think the biggest majority of liars are in the work force and supervisors; politicians....I think there is such a thing a compulsive liars, which we get a lot of on online.

Again, you are confused - its nothing to do with whether one is bipolar or not.

It was interesting to note that other people found bipolar people to be very honest.

Perhaps, manic-depression plays no role, or little role, in making a person honest, or dishonest?

I'd certainly never want to look down on someone with bipolar disorder.

However, I usually have a lack of respect for anyone who'd deliberately lie to me about certain things.