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Crazy Cars- I guessed the name of that vehicle because if you look back a lot of the cars in the series starting with (to my knowledge) GTA III all the way up until the latest game in the series have been the same car name and same body style.The new cars introduced in Vice were used in San Andreas then used in Liberty City Stories.This series, car wise, has updated its self with new cars and letting go of some out dated (Its very true to the time era.)but still keeping most of the essentially "new" cars.

Very appetising indeed View it now at bring severe news - GTA 4, the most eagerly awaited game of the year by far, has been delayed until Q2 2008, i.e. This comes as quite a blow to those of us who were hotly anticipating it, especially since it has essentially been delayed for half a year.Next, download the , and save it to your portable storage device: Right-Click HERE and click 'Save' option to download file Once you have received and recorded your 'Unlock Code', AND you have saved the 'GTAIVPC_Offline Installer.zip' file (that you downloaded above) to a portable storage device, please return to the computer where you installed GTA IV PC.If you have any further questions or issues regarding Secu ROM components and functionality that are not addressed on this support site, please contact [email protected] provide a detailed description of the issue you are experiencing.The trailer can be viewed here: offence but I wouldn't add too many cars until the game is actually released (and someone buys it), because in a lot of these trailers the cars aren't quite the same as their final design (most of the cars shown in the first trailer probably won't be in the final game at all), this was the case with the other GTA games.I am a huge fan of the GTA franchise but I would like to point out two things IF THEY HAVEN'T ALREADY BEEN POINTED OUT. That "Range Rover" or "Escalade" in question I am pretty sure is in fact a Land Rover Range Rover base but its called a "Huntley" in the previous game GTA: San Andreas. I have to agree with the person above in that I was very disappointed playing GTA: Vice City after seeing the trailer for it, which the two were very different and the cars in the trailer looked noticeably better than in the game.2.Again, make sure this Internet 'source computer' will allow you to copy data to the personal storage device before you continue. You may even want to try to generate an 'Unlock Code' on a different PC in the same location first, as personal firewall settings can be different from PC to PC.