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He told The Sun: 'It is a definite Royal Mint error.The sellers claimed they had come from a sealed bag from the bank, which in turn came from the Royal Mint.' And council worker Sarah O'Donoghue, from Birmingham, found a coin were the silver middle overflowed onto the golden outer ring.Businessman Oliver Johnson, of Plymouth, was given a faulty coin in a bag of 20 at a branch of Royal Bank of Scotland.He found the middle came out of the coin and is now looking to sell it on.London/Virginia Circa 1870 The original Great Seal was engraved in 1864 in London, England.It was the symbolic emblem of Confederate sovereignty. Non-precious "base" metals China The shape of spades and swords inspired the shapes of ancient Chinese coins. Louis, Missouri, USA 1904 A celebration of the Centennial of the Louisiana Purchase, the largest land acquisition of the United States, took place at the World's Fair of 1904 in St. In memory of this event, 39,158 bronze medals were given out: 33,158 as prizes and 6,000 as souvenirs.

A spokesman for the Royal Mint, which is based in Cardiff, said: 'We have tight quality controls in place.The new £1 coins are supposed to be the 'the most secure in the world' but minting errors have produced several with bizarre deformities.Bemused collectors have found coins with melted centres, cracks and even gaping holes where the silver middle should be.In 1874, the same British engraver certified this reproduction "to be a faithful reproduction of the identical Seal engraved in 1864." Commonwealth of Virginia, USA 1862 In 1861, during the American Civil War, the Commonwealth of Virginia withdrew from the Union and began printing its own money in support of the Confederacy. Archaeologists found Chinese "knife money" from the Yellow River Valley dating to 500 B. This is one of the earliest known coins on the Eurasian continent. Eurasia comprises the traditional continents of Europe and Asia. Belgian Congo, Africa Early 20th Century The sand-cast Katanga Cross was valuable coinage in the Belgian Congo during the 19th and early 20th centuries. When the Congo issued standard sized coins in 1961, the coins featured an image of a Katanga Cross. United States 1863 The government of the United States issued fractional currency notes from August 21, 1862, through February 15, 1876.