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Additionally, even those Down's Syndrome people who graduate high school or even attend college would still be considered learning disabled if they didn't have trisomy 21 but still functioned at their current level.They have to work much harder than the average student to achieve average performance. Seriously........is that offensive to say that a person with a mild MENTAL disabilty thinks and acts like a kid? How come their functioning levels are described as being on "second grade" or 2 year old levels then? Many of them do think and act like a child....that's the essense of their disability......What happens is that the vast majority just end up looking even more deficient against the outliers. Certainly, we don't have access to his IQ tests, but his chosen work in life indicates a pretty high IQ for his medical cohort, very possibly in the "mentally normal" range or even higher than average.I'm not sure garnering publicity for a high-functioning Down child does much besides setting an unrealistic expectation for the average Down kid. Seems a valid example of what the OP was asking for. Since Trisomy 21 is so nearly universally accompanied by some degree of mental retardation, and since mental impairment is the commonest component of the various features which combine to form the syndrome, I'd be inclined to think of an individual with normal mentation and trisomy 21 as a "Trisomy 21 variant" (and probably mosaic, at that) and not a "Down Syndrome." ... I don't know about emphasizing or not and don't see any implication of shame.They think and act like a person of what ever age they are with a what ever kind of developmental disability they have.The fact that you think they seem like a kid only speaks to your insight, not to their ability.I came across this video on Youtube, in which a Down syndrome woman is being interviewed: She seems very smart and doesn't appear to me to be in any way mentally impaired.She talks and comes across just like a normal person.

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Four year olds don't have serious, respectful, sexual relationsips, but someone who writes like a four year old could.Unquestionably, any high-functioning person with Down's has benefited by intensive support and educational effort.It should be noted that even people with Down's Syndrome who test out as having a normal range IQ still have some pretty significant problems.It seems that Down's doesn't affect just raw intelligence but also to some degree social interactions.Hearing and vision problems are not uncommon, among other physical issues.Have you ever known anyone with Down syndrome who is of normal (or near-normal) intelligence?