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Many, many young people (including 18-year-old me who was confirmed in the Catholic Church while silently thinking to myself “soon you will not have to pretend you believe this” on the actual altar during the actual ceremony) have to pay lip service to their parents’ religion on their way out of the house and into independent living.

And when you are supposed to be praying, try…praying.

These old men were concerned that their culture, their law and traditions were being lost to future generations of Aborigines.

They were neither known nor understood by other Australians. Our land is reflected in us, and we are reflected in the land.

My therapist thinks that my depression currently might be linked to the stress of lying.3) The longer I keep this up, the more pressures are going to appear: my parents are already planning our pilgrimage to Iraq this summer and pushing me to go to speed dating camp this summer.

I want to have my own life, and it’ll be hard to have the life I want if I have to pretend to be a good Muslim.