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Depredating hogs

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They can be found in the hot and humid brush of South Texas to the cold and unforgiving climate of Canada.

They’ll eat just about thing they can get their snouts on and uproot anything to get to it.

Considered a nuisance, they can be taken by any means at any time of year by a licensed hunter operating with landowner permission.

TPWD estimates the current feral pig population is in excess of 1.5 million in Texas and they are distributed across most of the state.

Of these two diseases, swine brucellosis warrants particular concern because an infected hog can transmit the disease to humans.These methods have shown to be useful in significantly reducing the damage feral hogs can cause.However, none of these techniques will guarantee total/permanent eradication of a hog population.Hunters should take precautions by wearing rubber or latex gloves and eye wear while field dressing hogs and then thoroughly wash their hands and disinfect equipment used during that process.It is impossible to simply look at a feral hog and determine if it carries swine brucellosis, therefore better safe than sorry on all hogs field dressed!No, there are no products registered for use as toxicants for feral hog control.