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Due to the continuous production of bile by the liver , the gallbladder has to concentrate bile even further than normal in order to store it within its limited capacity.Greater concentration alters the solubilizing capacity of bile and may result in the sedimentation known as biliary sludge.It may also be related to other factors that cause bile stasis.There is usually no symptoms associated with the presence of biliary sludge.“When I was growing up, people used to be in and out of each other’s back doors, having cups of tea; if anybody was struggling, everybody would muck in and look after them. We could do a lot better as a society and really look out for each other.“You actually find care responsibilities being discharged among ethnic minority populations more than the indigenous population and that’s because they bring with them cultural practices, and we used to have those.” It comes as hundreds of thousands of elderly people have been left without help to carry out everyday tasks such as washing and dressing, as social workers “constantly battle” to provide adequate levels of support to vulnerable people in the community.

“I don’t think it’s fair to expect the next generation of taxpayers to pay for this generation’s long-term needs,” she told the event.

It may also be seen in a person who is not eating food and being provided with nutrition via an intravenous drip (parenteral nutrition).

In these cases, bile is not being passed out of the gallbladder as often as it should be.

The proper term for gallbladder sludge is biliary sludge.

It is a gelatinous bile that may be a precursor to cholesterol stones.