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Get a base station When it comes to buying equipment, think g, not b.

New 802.11g hardware is nearly five times faster than 802.11b gear, and it will interoperate with that as well.

WEP works much like a basic network password, but logging on may require users to type in four computer-generated, 26-character cryptographic keys - gibberish like 0x4B90CD37BA128367F2A25AE527.

Be prepared to assist visiting salespeople and other office guests.

Your base station's setup menus include an option to establish a mandatory logon password that everyone must type to connect.

To prevent anyone else from reconfiguring the base station, change its default password, too.

If you have an Air Port or another unit with an internal antenna, stand it on end to see if it works any better.

Futz with the antenna You've likely heard about people attaching a Pringles can to a base station or a laptop client card.Turn on the network Simply plug your Internet connection into the base station and install the client card in your computer or laptop. If it works, congratulations: You've got Wi-Fi. There's nothing more confusing than when two neighbors both have a network named "default" or "linksys." Pick something easy to remember, as users of older Windows laptops will need to enter it every time they join in. Avoid obstacles Usually, just moving the base from behind a wall or raising it higher off the ground will help it to reach all corners of your house.Then turn on the base and your now-wireless computer. If it doesn't, you most likely have to enter some ISP information into your base station's setup program. Keep it away from metal tables and dense filing cabinets, which can block radio waves.Buy a client card Linksys' 802.11g card (in both laptop and desktop versions) is a good deal for PCs.At about , it's 10 bucks more than the old cards yet will enable you to use the faster 802.11g bases.Not only does it transmit farther, it's more sensitive to incoming signals.