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Recently I've been given a make-believe budget and told I was to manage it and handle all the stock and purchasing for the pretend company I run. The company's profits are down from our manufacturing sector but up from our stock and bond dividends. If I had, you'd have never seen that gaudy bed, never had a nanny, and sure as hell would be acting like a normal child instead of a young princess in front of some servants.""Sorry, boss." He sat up and looked at her.

Grandfather said it showed wrong-thinking and was obviously a flaw passed on from my paternal donor. "Since I didn't know about you, I have no preconceived notions about who you are, how you should behave, or what's proper for you.

"I'll let you know what's going on when I get back. I'm not sure." He looked over as the lab's door opened and Mr. " That got a nod and the younger man hurried off to do that. "Ducky, look at this.""I haven't found any but IVF does have a high rate of failure," Abby offered. Just do it on the side until we know more." He walked out and went back to his desk, waiting for the dreaded phone call. He might call my work but I've got people there to cover for me." She nodded.

"I just got a call from someone who claimed I needed to rescue her from her grandfather because his wife has scary decorating tastes.""It's my old childhood bed." Gibbs stared at him. I'll be back tomorrow unless I call and say I'm in jail for homicide.""Do you think they'll actually go against him? He'll appease them by hiring a nanny and he'll taint them against me because of the job." He restarted the elevator. "That sounds about the right time," he offered."Besides kill his father? Then I'll lead you down to the car and we'll disappear.

""Di Nozzo was raised the same way and look how he turned out," Abby pointed out. He tapped before walking in, putting the bags on the table.

"Mc Gee just got back." He sat across from her, then got up and got a tape recorder, putting it in front of her. Go ahead and dig in, we'll talk during the meal.""A lot of different types. "Midwest." He took a bite and put his feet up into a spare chair.

She's also a genius and I'll expect you to at least be respectful to my coworkers, even if you don't understand.""Father needs his ass shot," he assured her firmly. You can be whoever you really are and I won't care.""Very." He got onto the interstate, noticing the car following them. "Boss, get Fornell onto whichever field agent is following me please? We're talking on the way back to headquarters." He gave him his most winning smile. It's a fair pop." The officer smiled and wrote it out, handing it over. " She nodded and he sped up, going just over the speed limit."I was always told it was faulty DNA from my paternal donor that made me less than admirable.""The meeting room upstairs, Agent Di Nozzo," the director ordered. "I'm going to find more." She headed that way."Borderline, but I think so." He took the food."That way it's more comfortable and has a bathroom nearby." He nodded, taking her to the elevator to go that way. "Jethro, can you handle that opinionated little one? "Go help Abby." He nodded and took his back, heading back to the lab while Gibbs went up to the meeting area.Grandmother occasionally helps, though she isn't very much help, and then Nanny makes me clean up and we have dinner with Grandmother and Grandfather, but of course Nanny eats in the kitchen with the rest of the staff.Then I'm allowed an hour of the local NPR radio station while I do any remaining homework or I work on any of the special projects I'm assigned by Grandfather before I go to bed at nine in the horribly over-decorated and gaudy bed with candelabra scattered around my room.""Sometimes I'm gauging the benefits of certain companies to see if I want to buy their stock, sometimes I'm gauging it to see if I want to buy the company.The only lesser people in the world are those who hurt people for and games. The only menial people are those people who have really nasty jobs cleaning things and working in fast food. Gibbs can growl and be as mean as necessary but he's not going to be that way with you." She smiled at that. Please." He looked at Gibbs, who nodded and turned off the tape recorder so they could follow.