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Set how Often Windows Media Player Automatically Checks for Updates Windows Media Player (WMP) is updated from time to time with new features and performance enhancements.

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I believe that this is an idea that could actually improve the way of communication in an effective manner.

Like take the case of using emoticons, when someone uses a particular emoticon, you cannot judge how angry or happy or sad they might be.

This “gamified messaging” app lets you give, earn and trade points against one another – turning every conversation into a game of numbers. You can even share this image and points with your friends. That sounds interesting, how did you come up with the idea? Well coming up with the app is actually an interesting incident, once Nick (Nikhil- co-creator) and I started fighting over something.

Sitara: Clickin’ Keep Scoring is the next generation in messaging apps. Why not take a pic of the note and send points with the image. ED Team: A dating cum gamefied messaging application!

It is then when we realise that this is a wonderful idea, both of us discussed it with a couple of people who found it interesting.

We met and app developer and that’s how the whole thing started.

ED Team: How have you anticipated that people in India would receive an app such as this one?

Sitara: Well trying and testing model has to be initiated with almost every app to find out the thoughts and opinions of your target audience.