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Harvest moon snes dating walkthrough

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Instead of zapping zombies from Mars, your goal is to get by on old-fashioned hard work and dedication.

Success in this game is measured by the fruits of your labor, so strap on your suspenders, roll up your shirt sleeves and dig in!

By the way, one stump gets you six pieces of wood in your shed.

Just throw them in the nearest pond (picking up and throwing stuff doesn't eat up any stamina at all).

City kids of all ages will want to take in the natural beauty and breathe the fresh country air in this fascinating farming simulation game.

Harvest Moon gives you the chance to experience first-hand the down-to-earth goodness of life on a farm.

Jump in and out about five times to completely restore your stamina.

Do as much work as you can to fix up your ranch tonight, and take a trip to the spa (up on the back hill in the very upper-right corner). Here's a list of all the eligible women: MARIA can be found at her house (the Mayor's) or in the church most of the time.

: :::::::..:....:........:.:..........:.........::.....:.:....:.::::::: :: :: :: VERSION LISTING :::.:::::.:::.: :.:... The corn will keep on going if you water it, so you'll save some money because you won't have to keep on buying it. When Winter comes along, make sure to have your silo just about full (999) of fodder.

***** Hint: Read the book in the upper-right corner of your tool shed to learn some valuable info on tools. Most people will choose Eve because she works late at night, which is very convenient when you're really busy during the day (which you usually are).

But you'll take out two pieces from your shed for each piece of fence. Now that you've got a list, make your choice wisely.

: :: :: Also, this guide wouldn't have been nearly as complete if . Once you have a chicken, put it in the chicken coop (the building in your ranch that's farthest to the right and right above your toolshed). ***** Hint: It's good practice to feed your animals (cows and chickens) every day before you do anything else. When you have the egg, CAREFULLY place it in the box in the bottom- right corner of the chicken coop. The egg doesn't need any extra food, and neither does the chick.

:: :: : :: :: 1.0 - October 10, 1997 - FAQ created : :: :: 1.1 - October 27, 1997 - FAQ was released to public : :: :: : :: :: SPECIAL THANKS to Natsume for making such a great RPG/Sim. It should be inside the fence, so chop some wood and make your fence bigger if you need to. :: ::::::::::::::::::::::.::::::.:::::.:::.: :.:...