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Holidays with sweet items might include: : Because sugar itself is not a topic specifically covered in history, it is necessary to tie activities into content and skills already taught.Students will use sugar as a vehicle to learn skills in graphing, chronology, research, and historiography, as well historical content related to the slave trade, Sugar Act, Louisiana Purchase, and immigration.When I found out that there was such a thing as a chocolate tasting – well, you KNOW I was all over that.We had to get to work creating these beautiful printables .The Science of Candy includes photographs of sugar crystals and discusses the chemistry of sugar during candy-making at Lesson 2: Sugar through Language, the Arts, and the Senses Give students the notation for a Hawaiian sugar rhythm (dotted quarter note, eighth note, quarter note, quarter note), have them clap it, and then chant it with drum.

These activities use simulation and examination of popular products to help students learn about the economics of sugar.

Sometimes, dating artifacts may be done through seriation.

Using Kit Kat candy wrappers (photographed at an exhibit in the Yorkshire Museum, York, England) students will try to place the artifacts in the exhibition case in order.

Teacher Guide Sugar has touched people over distances and time for centuries.

Not surprisingly, sugar is a natural motivator for students’ interests at all levels of school and all levels of skill across most of the curriculum.