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Nattawan Posinger is one of an estimated 5,000 Thai women living in Austria in Europe.

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Bwahahahaha, this is one of my favorite lyrics of all time! It’s not hard to figure out where the pitfalls are.

A recent study has found a significant link between Facebook use and the jealousy that college students feel.

Accessibility to information otherwise kept private (19%)2. Becoming obsessed with your partner’s profile (10%)4. We feel it when a third party threatens a relationship we value, and it happens when we feel insecure.

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Women had a vested interest in keeping the male provider around, so they were very alert to any threat of man-poaching and responded with jealousy.i Chat lets you chat with folks thousands of miles away in a full-screen personal video conference over any broadband connection.Thanks to the advanced graphics built into Mac OS X, they'll truly look like themselves, instead of strangers made of children's building blocks.And I haven’t even touched on how it feels when your ex changes their status to “in a relationship” the week after you broke up! The need to control is what winds up destroying the relationship, as the jealous partner creates a virtual prison for the other.The irony is that we become jealous to get more love, but we wind up pushing the loved one away.You see your gf looking drunky with her arms around a smiling dude at college.