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A book published in 1607, , described a “water spagnel” with long, rough, curled hair and a bare naked tail.

A century and a half later, a Captain Thomas Brown remarked on the Irish Water Spaniel’s long ears and the crisp, curly texture of its coat.

The IWS has a lot going for him: personality, trainability and a touchably soft coat. He’s a typical sporting dog in his love of family and people-pleasing nature.

The IWS is a fun and interesting dog, no doubt about it, but his high energy level and potential for health problems are factors to consider before acquiring one.

Check with your vet before starting any exercise program with your dog -- especially anything strenuous.

That said, if your vet gives the green light, daily regular activities for your IWS can include one to two hours of walking, running, hiking, or other vigorous activity, which can be broken up into several sessions.

He doesn’t always get along well with cats or other dogs unless he is brought up with them from an early age.

His alert nature makes him an excellent watchdog, but he is not known for being a barker.