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It appears that the group “The Islamic Council of Victoria, Australia” has said that such forums would enable young Islamists to spew opinions in a place where it can be done respectfully while intelligently debated and challenged.

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All the sales are being conducted minus the copyright.Madonna's latest release is an oldie but a goodie: 17 minutes of erotic phone messages she left for a boyfriend nearly 20 years ago."It would be sooooo nice," she wrote, before encouraging Albright to "send me a fax.I'll be in my bed waiting for you." For the more practical, the famous white lace bustier Madonna wore in her "Like a Virgin" tour is also up for auction, starting at ,000.As Madge got older, she settled down in Britain with Guy Ritchie, but even that relationship didn’t last.

Why else would she have dated Vanilla Ice and Dennis Rodman?James Albright, who once upon a time was Madonna’s biyfriend in the early 90s, is the one doing the selling bit.The auction features 17 minutes of explicit answer phone messages where Madonna has called herself “Li’l Booty” and reffered to ALbright as “Dumbo”.During a relationship in the Nineties with her one-time bodyguard James Albright, she confessed: "I am feeling a bit cast out of the list of priorities in the Allbright family"."But then it's my nature to be jealous and insecure when the man in my life doesn't come running when I call for him".The recordings, totalling around 17 minutes on two micro-cassettes, were made by the singer for Jim Albright - who was also her bodyguard - in 19, and the site selling them expects them to fetch between £18,000 and £24,000.