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This helps you keep the physical nature of the relationship as a priority and prevents you from taking it for granted." When sleep is interrupted or nonexistent, we can feel a bit on the edge, and when we feel like that, we tend to do and say things we don't really mean.Overstreet says the separate bed split can make you feel less irritable and argumentative.This can lead to less conflict within your relationship."Even if you don't see your partner all day, every day, sleeping in the same bed with them every single night might start to feel stale.Certified relationship coach Chris Armstrong says sleeping away from your partner gives the relationship a breather and gives you the personal space you crave."We all need a timeout and sometimes, a good night's sleep away from our partner gives us that," says Armstrong.

"This is true if one partner is a snorer or tosses and turns and the other partner has something big going on the next day," says Armstrong.

"Additionally, it can bring two people closer together.

If they slept separately because one or both partners needed a timeout, they will likely embrace in the morning and think twice the next time an argument escalates to the point that another all-night time out may be in order."All of us have weird things we do when we sleep, whether it's snoring, tossing and turning, or talking in our subconscious state.

If you've been snuggling with your partner for years, you may no longer notice how hard it is to get a full night's sleep without any interruptions.

David Bennett, a certified counselor and author of seven self-help books, says partners who sleep together wake each other up six times a night on average.