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I even found out from a 1928 magazine that one of the patterns in my collection was a House of Worth design!
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This question and its answers are frozen and cannot be changed. Lately I've seen commercials where the programmer is writing code as fast as he can type.

He write lines of code from the BOTTOM of the screen UPWARDS!

I'd point out that in ID4, for 50 years the labs at Area51 had a small navette.

Although they were never able to turn it on (according to the movie) it is plausible that it has been checked to death, including its operating system (dumped from memory). It's all because of the ESPER photo analyzer in Blade Runner.

It makes also sense that its OS is the same (although with lower capabilities) of the mothership (think Win XP and the Win server). out of pixelation, the killer, thug, spy, license plate etc. Nobody non-technical grasped that this wasn't just something you could automatically do with any image, that it was science-fictionally possible because of the data embedded in an analog photograph.

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Can you imagine working in a room full of non-stop beeping computers?

And if you're doing an investigation, wouldn't you be angry at the programmer who thought that the program should take the time to display all those fingerprints that DON'T match?

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