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You couldn’t protect me from the unwanted physical touches or verbal taunts, but you sure as hell could protect those boys from seeing my collarbone.” " data-reactid="29"And students are fighting back.

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"My husband gave me the encouragement I needed and I came back from honeymoon wearing the hijab. "It is a religious duty, but also exists to preserve a woman's modesty.It means you are not just a sex symbol - you have something to offer other than just your looks." She said the hijab had many benefits, such as bringing communities together and being identified and greeted by fellow Muslims all over the world.Muslim women have launched a Europe-wide campaign to protect their right to wear the hijab headscarf.The international network Assembly for the Protection of Hijab, or Pro-Hijab, was formed in response to headscarf bans in France and parts of Germany.'Lacked confidence' MEP Caroline Lucas, Fiona Mc Taggart MP, and George Galloway MP and London Mayor Ken Livingstone have also supported the founding of the campaign.Speaking at the launch Ms Mc Taggart gave an assurance the government would protect women's rights to wear the hijab, and would not be following France's example.Pro-Hijab aims to reverse bans already brought in and prevent more "abuses of democracy" being imposed.

Campaign group Human Rights Watch says women and girls attempted suicide to avoid rape, forced marriage, or forced religious conversion at the hands of the Islamic State.Although when we are writing this guide, our main aim is to cover wedding night and sex life from a woman’s perspective however the general points can be applied to both men and women.Please note that the aim of the guide is to help practising Muslim brothers and sisters to enjoy intimacy according to Shariah."People on campus were initially shocked but in the end it didn't matter to them. She says most comments are positive and the few insults she receives are easy to ignore."I walk down the street with so much confidence now." Pro-Hajib will hold its first full conference at the Greater London Authority on 12 July.'Initially shocked' The scarf is not about the oppression of women, she said.