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The answer is, have a look in the nightclubs, bars and discos there you will find dozens of pretty ones as here at the Zero Zone Restaurant at Chinatown and other places, they are real "eye candy".Another nice restaurant with plenty of them around is Power Light Entertainment close to Kandawgyi Lake, a pleasant place to kick the night off, they have around 40 of them every evening and the don't follow the fashion show model style but they bring a good sing-dance show. The place has it's charm, is uncomplicated, has some good food, entertainment and girls are nice.This false perception is influenced partly by the image of women in neighboring Thailand and partly by projecting a Western perspective on Asian women.How Thai women think and how they became a sexual marketing object is a different story (you can get a lot of useful information on that if you read Stephen Leather’s book First of all it should be noted that Myanmar women enjoy equal legal rights to those of men, can own property, do not traditionally change any portion of their names upon marriage and, in the event of divorce, are legally entitled to half of all property accumulated during the marriage.Before each show starts dresses are checked and the hope for a bid spender is high.

You will find many here with a real great look and not as many makeup as elsewhere but they have, most is made in Thailand and there it is heavy used by Thai girls doing a similar job.

Sometimes a closer encounter with one of the guys is fixed for some later extensions.

Attention brings money, adjusting the dress blouse, re-checking the nails, restructure the hairs, freshen make up, everyone wants to look good.

On the catwalk in the nightclubs, no size zero models are visible, it's not as shocking as in the "western world" where mannequins often look like skeletons or moving cloth hanger.

It's a puzzle why these big fashion companies use so many of this unnatural looking mannequins.