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Homosexuality in females is generally ignored or considered abnormal.

Culturally there is a very obvious divide between men’s position and women’s positions, especially in terms of physical labor.

Most women here use pads or Kodex which are available in most pharmacies and stores.

Tampons are somewhat scarcer and often the only kind you can find are with applicators.

Depending on how comfortable they feel with you they will likely ask you many questions.

Homosexuality in males is tolerated to some extent but homosexuals are often the brunt of the joke.The most accepted form of homosexuality is effeminate males.Males who do not show typical “gay” behaviour are feared and more likely to be harassed physically.There are certain bars where the only women you will find are waitresses or sex workers.These are generally “no-name” bars that should be easy to identify.Women are expected still to be in charge of the children and kitchen and men are expected to do hard labor.