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Zoosk is a singles dating app that uses a behavioral matchmaking engine to pair users who its system indicates will be a good match.

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to the point where he just can’t get you out of his mind, plus I’m not kidding, I really believe this program will change your life.

Because it is possible (and not too hard) to “re-learn” how to naturally attract a great guy for something more than a short fling.

I’m here to help you, but first I need to ask you a few important questions, and I need you to think about them carefully: Have you ever had a man you were interested in–maybe even someone you really cared about–all of a sudden become “distant” and withdrawn… Or maybe you began to develop strong feelings for a man and you wanted to be with him and only him…

but he seemed ambivalent and “wishy-washy” about the situation.

I’m sure you’ve seen this happen with guys you know.

I’m also embarrassed to admit it, but I’ve actually SAID both of the “excuses” I mentioned above on MORE than one occasion.

although that’s all we could see to understand about ourselves and communicate at the time. Well, I’m afraid that what I’m about to tell you may upset you, it’s actually good news.

So many women can attest to the unfortunate experience of having a man pull away because he “wasn’t ready for something serious,” only to jump into a serious relationship with ANOTHER WOMAN just a few weeks later. When a man pulls away from a woman, it is not because men are “screwed up.”And it’s not because he has doubts about being in a relationship.

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or become so completely frustrated and unsatisfied with men and relationships that you resign yourself to the opinion that it’s OK to be alone forever.

We’re going to spend some critical time together learning how you can go from one step to the next whether you’ve just met a great guy, or you’re dating someone and it’s hanging around in that “casual” phase and you want things to progress, grow closer and build a stronger connection that will last.

You’re going to learn at LEAST 20 different ways to naturally amplify the attraction between you and a man…

Here’s something else you should know…When this happens, it’s usually never over a “little thing.”It’s also almost never because a man isn’t attracted to you physically (if that was the case, he wouldn’t have gotten that close to you in the first place).

It also doesn’t necessarily mean that he wasn’t at least somewhat attracted to you emotionally…What it does mean is that there wasn’t enough attraction there to lead him to feel that YOU were the one for him. And it’s such a painful process that many just want to give up on love altogether. You can create and experience more attraction and LOVE in your life… And I’ll teach you all the secrets in my program is designed to give you the skills and understanding to create powerful feelings of attraction that go far beyond the physical, making him feel the desire to be around you for all the right reasons.