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Where an applicant may not intend or be able to travel to the UK immediately following their application they can apply for a visa at any time before the date of travel to the UK, however, we can only defer the start date of the visa up to a maximum 3 months from the date of application.You may need to ensure that applicants applying under the various employment categories (and importantly under PBS Tier 2 and Tier 5) or as students under PBS Tier 4 would be acceptable to their UK sponsor, should entry be deferred by 3 months.Finding people with current RPG skills can be difficult for employers.This technical certification shows that you are capable of doing the job.

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Traditional farés—large day beds under a thatched roof—and shady chaise lounges invite guests to relax while complimentary water sports equipment encourages play.ECOs who are satisfied that an applicant meets the Immigration rules and requires a UFF should follow the procedure below.UFFs should only be issued in cases where the applicant cannot obtain a recognised travel document and must not be issued because the applicant is unwilling to apply for one or they say it would take too long to be issued.Depending on the nationality of the applicant the vignette can be designated as one of the following types of entry clearance: An applicant for entry clearance must possess either a valid passport or another document establishing identity and nationality.Guidance on types of passport and travel documents, including those not recognised by HMG, is given in ECB8 What are acceptable travel documents for entry clearance?Online Exam: 65 questions, two-hour time limit Price: 0/Member, 0/Non-Member Testing is administered by PSI.