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Recommendations 103 7.1 Actions to be achieved in the immediate future 103 7.2 Actions to be achieved by 2013 104 105 Endnotes Bibliography 106 Figures and Tables: Table 1: COPINE scale (Taylor et al., 2001) Table 2: Krone’s (2004) typology Table 3: Content of images acquired by offenders (Baartz, 2008) Table 4: Identified children reported to NCMEC by law enforcement agencies Table 5: Disclosure of abuse through image production (Söderström, 2006) (Lee, 2008) Figure 1: Cumulative distribution of files relating to age of child Figure 2: Ethnic groups in abuse images (Baartz, 2008) Figure 3: Ages of children in abuse images (Baartz, 2008) Figure 4: Ages of child victims on child abuse websites (IWF, 2007) Figure 5: Abuse image level for URLs 2004–6 (IWF, 2006) Figure 6: Child abuse domains by region (IWF, 2006) 14 24 30 39 47 33 41 42 98 98 99 Child Pornography and Sexual Exploitation of Children Online | Case -cr-00061-LED-JDL Document 54-9 Filed 10/27/2009 Page 7 of 82 Acknowledgments There are many people to thank for helping us to prepare this paper: the ECPAT International team; all who attended the Thematic Meeting in Bangkok in August 2008 and the regional meetings that took place throughout the world; Marta Santos Pais et al., Innocenti Research Centre; Danya Glaser, President of ISPCAN; Veronica Birga, OHCHR; Juan Miguel Petit, former Special Rapporteur on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography; Alisdair Gillespie, De Montfort University; David Middleton, Childsafe Associates; Carl-Göran Svedin, Linköping University; Janis Wolak, UNH; Anders Persson, Interpol; Terry Jones and Victoria Baines, CEOP, UK; Angela Carr, Crime and Misconduct Commission, Australia; Sarah Robertson, IWF; Sendrine Constant, ECPAT Europe; John Carr, Consultant and Fox Interactive Media; Bengt Söderström, BUP Vasa, Stockholm; Michelle Collins and Jennifer Lee, NCMEC; Julie Bainbridge, FCACP; Hiromasa Nakai and Shoko Fujita, UNICEF Japan; Junko Miyamoto, ECPAT Japan; Birgit Roth and Denton Howard, INHOPE; Will Gardner, Childnet; Janice Richardson; Katharine Bostick, Microsoft; the staff of Childhood Brasil; Hans van de Glind, IPEC; June Kane; Linda Jonsson, BUP Elefanten; Debbie Baartz, Intelligence Analyst with the Australian Federal Police; Sonia Livingstone, LSE; and Björn Erik Ludvigsen, Norwegian Criminal Police.

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The first time Diocletian's whereabouts are accurately established, in 282, he was made by the newly Emperor Carus commander of the Protectores domestici, the élite cavalry force directly attached to the Imperial household – a post that earned him the honor of a consulship in 283.

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Diocletian's reign stabilized the empire and marks the end of the Crisis of the Third Century.

Augustus, the first Emperor, had nominally shared power with his colleagues, and more formal offices of Co-Emperor had existed from Marcus Aurelius on.

Most recently, Emperor Carus and his sons had ruled together, albeit unsuccessfully.

Born to a family of low status in Dalmatia (Roman province), Diocletian rose through the ranks of the military to become roman cavalry commander to the Emperor Carus.

After the deaths of Carus and his son Numerian on campaign in Persia, Diocletian was proclaimed emperor.