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Ps3 restarts itself when updating game dating beswick china

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Be nice if sony bothered to research and include the actual steps required to fix this stuff.

Anyway, after doing all that, my ps3 works exactly as it did before, but I cannot update to 3.40.

Assemble it, put in the hard drive, and when turning it on, enter into safe mode (there are plenty of posts, how to enter safe mode, I won’t write it down). Personally I think, the problem was, that I did not format the disk into “Dynamic disk”.

(operation after initializing the hdd, mentioned above) Whenever I formatted the hdd, the system loop stopped, and safe mode was always accessible.

other than that, I might have to figure out a way to image the HD itself. At this point, I'm on the 3.30 firmware and my PS3 is functioning again. Version 3.4 was downloaded this afternoon directly from Sony. For whatever reason, I can't seem to upgrade to 3.4.

About to usb flash to 3.40 and see if my pain goes on. Anyway, I think my system is now back to exactly where my problems started again. But I think I can get it back to version 3.30 without much more of a hassle. I thought I was completely screwed here too, but at least got back to having a functional ps3 instead of a brick.

The PS3 system did recognize it, and guided me trough options, and asked me, do I really want to update to 3.40 firmware, then I chose YES. Then the system restarted, and began to update again, and again. Any time, when I turned the console on, it started the update automatically.

What DID fix 8002F1F9 error: So I took out the Ps3’s hard drive (hdd) and linked it with the pc via SATA cable. Right click on “My computer” select “manage” , a new window will pop out, there choose “Disk management”. I strongly advise that in this operation use “Gilksy ylod fix” video on you tube, so you can safely disassemble the console. I honestly don’t know, that did this help, but it did not harm the console. As I mentioned, took it apart, cleaned it fully, with alcohol, and cotton.

It red everything but blu ray (actually I had the chance to try out only the Gran turismo 5 proluge, because I don’t have any other blu ray, nor film, or game) Then I thought, that maybe the firmware is not good, so I tried to update it via external memory (1 gb Kingston USB stick).

the reformat made it so I could get to safe mode, but I'm unable to use any of the functions therein to resolve my problem.

I used a free program called fat32format for the fat32 conversion of the HD...

As Sony wisely chose a 1 year warranty (for my 2 year old system), I'm on the hook for 0 bucks shipping to send it to them and get a refurb or new replacement unit.

Update - please read on for how I solved the problem.