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Nine neighbours lodged formal objections to the pool house, but it has now been given the green light by Edinburgh City Council.
Verdict: One of the most effective – and convenient – dating apps out there. This means having a handy mutual connection to discuss / slag off when you meet up for drinks.

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Two Republican senators have criticized President Trump from the floor of the senate, in a dramatic break from their party.

He is likely to be replaced by a pro-Trump Republican.It's a smart, bold move, especially since he cannot win against his pro-Trump primary challenger.LOS ANGELES, CA (California Network ) -- Republican senators Bob Corker and Jeff Flake have criticized President Trump from the floor of the senate.Since the late 1970s, the Christian right has been a notable force in both the Republican party and American politics when Baptist pastor Jerry Falwell and other Christian leaders began to urge conservative Christians to involve themselves in the political process.In response to the rise of the Christian right, the 1980 Republican Party platform assumed a number of its positions, including dropping support for the Equal Rights Amendment and adding support for a restoration of school prayer.The phrase 'socially conservative evangelicals' is not very exciting, but that's certainly the way to do it." Evangelical leaders like Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council have called attention to the problem of equating the term "Christian right" with evangelicals.