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Romi klinger dating a guy

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When Ilene brings up Tina from I got so much anger for letting the Tina go back to men.

Because I was in control of it, I buckled under the pressure.

So this is why I’m having some trouble with ‘s Romi Klinger.

On this season of the Showtime series, Romi has pretty much run the gamut of what I’d consider to be terrible bisexual stereotypes come to life.

In an otherwise lackluster season of The Real L Word Romi (Klinger) has kept the discussion of her bisexuality alive and well, first dating her ex boyfriend Jay, dumping him for her ex girlfriend Kelsey and ditching Kelsey for her ex boyfriend Dusty.

Myth #3: Bisexuals are more acceptable to mainstream society. Probably easier for some to digest — if they like her music, that is.When I had originally envisioned that story I had just thought of Tina as a person who would have a relationship with Bette and then when that relationship broke up, her next relationship would be with a man and I thought I’d get to tell that story. But in also had Alice, a bisexual character fans loved no matter who she dated.As for Tina, she was written to be very unlikable during her relationship with Henry.Last week Ilene told The Huffington Post that she “buckled” under pressure from fans of her show to end Tina’s (Laurel Holloman) relationship with a man and to reunite her with Bette (Jennifer Beals), although she had wanted Tina to be in the relationship with a man.The pair kicks off the interview with Romi discussing growing up in household in which her mother was in a relationship with another woman throughout her childhood.Early on Jay says to Romi at dinner, “When you’re with me, you’re heterosexual.” Even he’s confused as to why she’s still on this show. You can’t be bisexual and in a monogamous relationship.