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Costumes are various hats, helmets, clothing, odd bits of equipment, and simply fantastic disguises Naughty Bear can wear. The first row of hats are those that you snatch off the noggins of the victim bear in each episode. This is a white construction helmet, with a picture of an atom on the front in red, to wear it shows your intellect. You can attain this hat by earning a bronze cup on Episode Seven. The profile reads that the hat makes you immune to radio waves. There used to be a time when each profession required a man to wear a hat, similar to a uniform. Well, the professional hats are those that you steal off the craniums of bears that assist the Colored Bears with their plots in each episode. Allows you to walk among bears unnoticed, excluding Pirate Bears. The costume is simply a piece of purple cloth with eyeholes around the face, and dried reeds taped to the forearms and the back. Life: Strength: Accuracy: Speed: This costume disguises you as one of the Army Bears, peacekeepers of Paradise Island. This costume is made of a green cooking pot on the head, with a stick taped to it. Life: Strength: Accuracy: Speed: This costume allows you to walk amongst zombears unnoticed until you actually kill a bear. R.s unnoticed, as well as Normal bears until you attack or kill another bear or use your BOO! Like all other makeshift costumes, you can obtain this costume by getting bronze on 5-1, 5-2, and 5-3.

These costumes help Naughty Bear by increasing his statistics, disguising him as other bears, granting him special weaponry at the start of an Episode, and of course making him look smashing. His profile states that he is skilled with sharp objects, "Naughty! Life: how much naughty has Strength: how much naughty can inflict Accuracy: how accurate is naughty Speed: how fast can naughty run It is unknown what "Naughty! These are the hats that belong to the Colored Bears of Paradise Island. They are: Naughty the Party Animal, Mayor Naughty, Peacekeeper Naughty, Cordon Bleu Naughty, Prospector Naughty, Doc Naughty, Conspiracy Naughty, Sidekick Naughty, Admiral Naughty, and Witch Naughty. This is a gray, wide brimmed cowboy hat, to show your wealth in the world of energy. You can attain this hat by earning a bronze cup on Episode Six. Some of these are hats, others are helmets, some are even wigs and painted skulls! They are: Cop Naughty, Adept Naughty, General Naughty, Zumbo-Jumbo Naughty, Tactical Naughty, Tech-Naughty, Astro-Naughty, Mighty Naughty, Naughty Bearrrrgh and last there is "Naughty the Prince of Darkness". Costumes made of junk, cooking utensils, car parts, more junk, and some accessories & trinkets that have been stolen. You also have a bandolier, and what seems to be a special forces patch stitched to your arm. Its made of ripped pillows,ducktape and what look like a volleyball cut in half. It consists of a cooking pot for a hat, cardboard strips with duct tape for knee guards, oven mittens for gloves, and a cardboard piece with duct tape attached to Naughty's chest with BEAR scribbled on it. The costume for passing unnoticed between the robots.

We all wish Cop Gordon a happy retirement (except for Naughty, of course). This disguises Naughty Bear as R0B0-PR1M3, the leader-designated R0B0-B34R. He is extremely hardy, very strong, rather accurate, and quite slow. Your default weapon on this character is a horn on the top of his head that you impale other bears with when you perform ultra-kills.

Master Miyagi costume is really quick but weak for attacks ( except Ninja-To) If you get gold on 3-1, 3-2, and 3-3, you get to disguise yourself as Colonel Ketchup, leader of the military bears. Life: Strength: Accuracy: Speed: ==Emperor Xoon==freaking hard to get This costume is the fastest in the game, and it causes Naughty to prance around when he walks or runs. Epic Naughty is a hat that is acheived when completing all Top-Hat challenges with a Gold Cup.

Two costumes are unavailable, and could only be attained by pre-order; Freddy Krubear, and the Naughty Slasher. This is a party cone hat, a simple brightly colored cone atop your head to show your elated mood. This is a chef's hat, a white floppy piece of attire that shows your skill in the kitchen. You can attain this hat by earning a bronze cup on Episode Five. Still, the other bears don't know you are Naughty Bear, and this allows you to walk among them with ease. Y., R0B0-N4UGH7Y, Xnoty, Super Naughty, Pirate Naughty and Naughtula. Noticeably, if you use the costume in any other level all the normal bears will flee in fear. It's made of cardboard boxes covered in tin foil and the head is a box witht "robot" scribbled on it.

You can attain this hat by earning a bronze cup on Episode One. " Life: Strength: Accuracy: Speed: This is a top hat, a black silk top hat with a dark purple band around it to show your superiority. Life: [1][2] Strength: [3][4][5] Accuracy: [6][7][8] Speed: [9][10] This is a light blue helmet, a BN[Version of UN] peacekeeper helmet to show you are ready to serve. You can attain this hat by earning a bronze cup on Episode Four. And not to forget, you also get weapons to go along with these costumes! They are: Sheriff Naughty, Master Naughty, Captain Naughty, Zombear Naughty, N. This costume disguises Naughty Bear as one of "The Fuzz", the local law enforcement for Paradise Island. The costume is made of a police light, a yellow & cheesy fake mustache, and an unfolded cardboard box used as a shirt, with the word "police" scrawled on the front in black marker. Comes equipped with a power fist A costume for walking unnoticed among aliens.

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