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Tens of sites in the area with Thamudic, Greek and Nabataean The castle dates back to about 3500 BCE, and has been restored many times; the last was in 1062 AH (1652 ACE).

It was one of the several forts and stations built all along the Syrian pilgrimage route welcome the pilgrims.

Snow is common, with temperatures reaching as low as −6 °C in some winters.

Rainfall in Tabuk Area falls in the winter months from November to March, and precipitation ranges between 50 and 150 mm, with some not uncommon snow every 3–4 years.

Universities: It has a desert's continental weather with hot summers and mild winters.

Temperatures in the summer are between 26 and 46 °C, while in winter they are between −4 and 18°C, with widespread frosts.

The annual date festival is an important event to source products to be used for date derivatives including date syrup, date paste and date gifts boxes to be used for all occasions throughout the year.

The region is rich in antiquities and archaeological sites such as petroglyphs, inscriptions, forts, palaces, walls, Syrian-Egyptian pilgrimage route, and the remains of the Hejaz Railway line, the main station of which is located in Tabuk.These programs include a number of activities related to dates, as well as social and cultural programs.There are informative and recreational sessions accompanying the festival, including an awareness program for youths to encourage them to enter the market.Several forts and stations were built all along the road from Jordan border to Al-Medinah to welcome the pilgrims. The first floor contains an open courtyard and a number of rooms, a mosque, a well and the stairway for leading to the watch towers used by the guards.The fort is considered as an archaeological landmark of the region and is open for the visitors.), also spelled Tabouk, is the capital city of the Tabuk Region in northwestern Saudi Arabia. It is close to the Jordan–Saudi Arabia border, and houses the largest air force base in Saudi Arabia.