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It was agreed that the proposed hormone treatments were "special medical procedures" that fall beyond parental responsibility and require a Court determination.

The court considered evidence from various health professionals, which consistently diagnosed O as having a Gender Identity Disorder.

However in general, Health Alert is a quick and effective means of ensuring that you are aware of significant recent changes with little or no commentary from us.

If you would like to include a colleague or contact on our distribution list, or be removed from the list and not receive further issues from us, please contact Legal Updates at [email protected] the relevant contact details.

In particular, the clerk's conduct came within the exemption of the Act concerning law enforcement.

The Tribunal held that such disclosure had a secondary purpose of being reasonably necessary for the exercise of law enforcement functions by law enforcement agencies in circumstances where there are reasonable grounds to believe that an offence may be committed.

O had had an earlier diagnosis of mild Asperger's Syndrome.

However, on the facts this was held not to affect O's ability to think through the issues and give informed consent.

Police arrived at the hospital, and had sat in on one such phone conversation.The Court was also bound to consider any likely long term physical, social and psychological effects if the procedure was or was not carried out.It held that O's mental health was at a significant risk without the proposed treatments being administered.The application was successful: the court authorised the parents to consent to the procedures.The Court underlined that in deciding a parenting order, the best interests of the child are the paramount consideration.PB 8 of 2011) - F2011L00164 " PB 8 of 2011 as made National Health (Listing of Pharmaceutical Benefits) Amendment Instrument 2011 (No. PB 1 of 2011) - F2011L00161 " PB 1 of 2011 as made National Health (Price and Special Patient Contribution) Amendment Determination 2011 (No. 6 of 2011) - F2011L00165 " PB 6 of 2011 as made National Health Act 1953 - Amendment Rules under subsection 99AAA(8) 2011 (No. PB 13 of 2011) F2011L00162 " PB 13 of 2011 as made National Health (Highly specialised drugs program for hospitals) Special Arrangements Amendment Instrument 2011 (No. PB 2 of 2011) F2011L00168 " PB 2 of 2011 as made National Health (Listed drugs on F1 or F2) Amendment Determination 2011 (No. PB 19 of 2011) - F2011L00172 " PB 19 of 2011 as made National Health Act 1953 - Amendment to arrangements made under subparagraph 100(1)(b)(i) - IVF/GIFT Program (No.