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Abuja is in a federal territory that is not part of any state.

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First, in his speech at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, the president said: Trump: I want to make sure the next generation of Americans has that opportunity [to live on a farm] as well.And, in particular, that includes your children and your grandchildren, and [we are] working very hard to get rid of the death tax so that those farms can be passed on.By contrast, there were 2,057 gang members deported in fiscal 2016, so there has been an increase this fiscal year.We don’t know how much of that is attributable to Trump’s policies, but Bennett said that ICE under the Trump administration “does specifically target MS-13 members for arrest and removal.” That appears to be corroborated by the statistics from El Salvador published in the .Trump can take credit perhaps for cracking down on gang members and increasing the deportation rate of gang members from El Salvador.But he exaggerates when he says he is deporting MS-13 gang members “by the thousands.” In the farming state of Iowa, Trump repeatedly played on the mythical claim that the federal estate tax is keeping family farms from being passed on to the next generation of farmers.Later that evening, Trump spoke to a large crowd in the nearby U. Cellular Center at a political rally organized by his campaign.Trump is referring to the Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13, a gang that was formed by Salvadoran immigrants in Los Angeles in the 1980s.

Two other insurers — Aetna and Wellmark — had already said they wouldn’t sell plans on the state marketplace in 2018, leaving Medica as potentially the sole statewide insurer.

All of those would be multimillion-dollar farms; only estates worth .45 million or more must file a return, and most of them don’t owe any tax.

For those who do owe tax, the study estimated that the average effective rate would be 20 percent — with the option of spreading payments over 14 years.

For example, ICE reported last month that it arrested 104 MS-13 gang members as part of a six-week anti-gang enforcement operation that resulted in 1,378 arrests from March 26 to May 6.

But nearly two-thirds of all those arrested were U. citizens, so most would not have been eligible for deportation.