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And if she has not entirely stopped it, she has certainly slowed and altered its course.

In every city in America and far beyond, farmers' markets abound; organics are widely available; small organic vegetable gardens thrive from inner cities to suburban front lawns to the White House; the Edible Schoolyard Project, founded by Alice and the Chez Panisse Foundation in 1995 as a way 'to create and sustain an organic garden and landscape that is wholly integrated into the school's curriculum, culture, and food program' now exists in 33 countries.""University administrators, whose job it is to promote harmony and diversity on campus, often find the easiest way to do so is to placate the intolerant fifth. Contentious campus politics have been a constant feature of American life for more than 50 years.

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'The free speech movement was not just about giving more voice to people in an abstract flattened plain way.This bibliography covers printed journalism related to the FSM from 1964 on, with many illustrative quotations, and such links to the actual texts as we can provide. It's where just last month the eyes of America turned as the looming specter of the politically charged Free Speech Week hung over campus in the wake of the 2016 campus riots related to Yiannopoulos and Trump.""On this episode of So to Speak: The Free Speech Podcast, we revisit the events surrounding the 1964 Berkeley Free Speech Movement to see if the university's storied past can teach us anything about today's debates." [Ed note: BIG Jack Weinberg interview. It's where the Third World Liberation Front organized a strike in 1969 leading to the creation of the campus's ethnic studies department, where thousands of students gathered over the course of the many anti-Vietnam War rallies held in Sproul Plaza.'The students themselves are raising questions about free speech and does it apply to homophobic speech, does it apply to racist speech?We have to consider the student concerns but return to basic principles about what free speech means and how do we better educate students about the extent of the 1st Amendment.'""But I know that Berkeley, especially because of its history with the free speech movement of the 1960s, is a unique place for expression.It was in fact about raising the visibility of civil rights, of black liberation, of feminism, of anti-war Vietnam movements, of pacifists or making a space and a place for people to speak back to the kinds of values that we wanted in our society because we didn't want to see the kind of violence that stems from white supremacy. They very things we're talking about right now today in the media.'""A loose coalition of 'Resistance' organizers planned the national draft card turn-in.