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Read more A 94-year-old Phoenix woman freed herself from the trunk of her car hours after she was abducted from her condominium by a man who put her in the trunk, drove the car away and parked it at a shopping mall, police said Wednesday. (AP) — One of the three drugs Arkansas planned to use in a lethal injection this week was made by a New York company that says it doesn't sell its products if it fears they'll be used in executions, court documents released Wednesday show.

• Interactive--Get out, touch, meet local residents... What if you could get all that, AND get to see all the standard, manicured sites, too! Whatever your unique request, my mission is to "make it happen" for you.

Historically, tours on Saipan are conducted from inside big buses of 50 or more people, visiting just a few manicured sites, lasting for just a few hours, and narrated by a tour guide who has memorized some approved facts and figures-- doing what amounts to a job. But what if you had a guide for an entire day; someone who does this as his passion; someone who could take you off the beaten path, show you sites and sights the average tourist never gets to see; taking detours based on your unique interests, in a more intimate setting, with one-on-one conversation in which you could ask about the island, and get a real-person's perspective while you tour the island? Some have unusual requests for their visits to Saipan, Tinian, Rota, Pagan and Guam--everything from simply finding unique accommodations and transportation to locating specific individuals for genealogical research, or historical/cultural artifacts for study, to visiting "off limits" areas, and doing unique activities!

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Your IP address and other information are only visible to YOU, not to others, but because people see their own IP address and computer information displayed on a blog or in a public forum, they think that their information can be seen by everyone!We think the danasoft graphic is a much more stylish way to jazz up your Myspace profile, your blog, or your website, and there's no better way to freak people out and make them think that you are publishing their private info.Of course, you can also customize the graphic with your own unique sayings: stuff like, "You are being tracked!", or "I am watching you.", or "You are not anonymous" - you can write anything you want to on your personal sign.This sign makes people realize how vulnerable they are when surfing the web.SANAA, Yemen (AP) — Hundreds of cars lined the main roads of Yemen's capital after the rebels who control the city ordered fuel stations to close on Wednesday, accusing merchants of taking advantage of a Saudi blockade to hike prices.