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And the apocalypse Zoroaster spoke of was a flood of molten metal. However, most of this is from post-Christian writings. First of all, Zoroaster did not have a sacred cup or grail. So were Caesar, Abraham Lincoln and John Dillinger. Let's look at how Zoroaster was slain and see if there is any comparison to how Jesus was slain, shall we? Since they believe in salvation by works alone, why would they have a eucharist?

Also, most of these subjects begin on the Bible's Old Testament, which predates the earliest Zoroastrian references by several hundred years. Second of all, Jesus (at least according to the Bible) did not have a sacred cup or grail. One story has him murdered at the age of 77 by a wizard. Both of these stories date from the 15th century at the earliest. The closest thing they have to a eucharist is a ritual involving the haoma plant, but they don't claim the plant is Zoroaster's body or blood.

The second problem is that Zoroaster's life that we have documented does not parallel Jesus.

There are several opinions when Zoroaster lived and when the religion started. For the sake of argument lets take 600 BCE, arising from Persia.

Is the fact that neither of them do these things a parallel? He cast out demons and restored the sight to a blind man. He taught about heaven and hell, and revealed mysteries, including resurrection, judgment, salvation and the apocalypse.

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Not to mention it is far more likely Judaism influenced Zoroastrianism rather than the other way around since Judaism came first.

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Zoroaster - Wikipedia Aren’t there some striking parallels between the Jesus and Zoroaster stories?

For many years (at least since 2004), the US Government has known, and has stated publicly, that the mortal remains of over 400 US airmen still lie unrecovered at their World War II crash sites in northeast India, primarily in Arunachal Pradesh.