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Don't forget that most of the big companies around today are manned by people who started where you are now. bored with "pretend" animation and "pretend" wrestlers? Line Suplex Leg Drop Defensive Snap Hare Elb-Snash 1 Fl. And who knows whal lurks in the mind of Bobby "The Brain" Heenan or in the heart of the lovely Miss Elizabeth? Omdorf F s devastating pile driver, Savage's awesome elbow drop - and everything else that's in the book or whateveryou can get away with! Just write to Micro League Sports, Micro Prose Software Ltd, 2 Market Place, Tetbury, Glos.

We need you, we need your originality, and (if your product's worthwhile) we'll reward you handsomely. TA11 7PV n 045B 7401 1 ■ COLOUR ORIGINATION Wesse* Reproduction 325a Wells Road. Your head and wrist limp from joystick coordination? Or you can be Randy "Macho Man" Savage or "Mr Wonderful" Paul Omdorff and try to capture the bell. GL8 8DA CLAS OF THE j T1TAJ Who's winning the 16-bit batlle for your hearts, minds and cash'' Listen- ing to Commodore and Atan spokes- people you'd almost believe that both companies were.

75 Tricks n Tactics Superior's very superior Bonectunchei laid bare in a 2-page players' guide - not to mention the last two levels ol Nebulus.

tips for Gryzor, Red October, and Ouedex, plus the complete 90% proof solution to Andy Capp.

Leisure Genius is where we really shine', said Patricia Mitchell for the company, the games are timeless and very well suited lo compuier conversion ' Watch out then for ST Scrabble Deluxe.New 16-bit disk loading system - one format lor all..Amiga vs ST - who's on top 7 18 Previews We put you one step ahead with news of next mon- th's games in this month's issue.Plymouth • I FUTURE PUBLISHING LTD 1988 • No part ol this publication may be reproduced Ifl any lorm without our permisson. 'It's outselling the ST two to one.' Down in Southend-on-Sea. Estuary Computers" Nick told us that over Christmas the ST was outselling Ihe Amiga by three to one. The higher pnce of the Commodore machine, added Nick, was putting a lol of people off buying it in prefer- ence to the ST.At Loughborough's Charnwood Computers the ST was reported to be outselling the Amiga by a factor of 10 to 1 and the shop's Alan Chrich- ton fell there would be no change in the situation unless Commodore cut the Amiga's pnce substantially Alan also thought lhat if the Amiga were VIRGIN TAKE 16-BIT RISK Virgin are following the suc- cess of Diplomacy with the comput- er version ol Risk, to be released under the Leisure Genius label.26 Arcade Ace The Leaderboard hole-in-one controversy prompis certain readers to reach tor their clubs. 64 Updates We cast a critical eye over the latest conversions for your machine, including ST Test Drive.