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Spreadsheet links not updating

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Excel worksheets are the daily work-horse to over 500 million users, yet many IT departments seem hell-bent on stamping out spreadsheets and moving users toward business intelligence, budgeting and ERP applications.

Here at Production-Scheduling.com, we are in the business of taming spreadsheets. Ella Fitzgerald once sang “It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it”.

Business has a love-hate relationship with spreadsheets.

Depending on your point of view, spreadsheets are a users’ paradise or a necessary evil.

The last answer, suggesting using named ranges, doesn't work for me. Ex: ' D:\Dropbox\Excel\Projects\Time Reporting\Time Reporting3-3.xlsx'! Export Time Reporting I see the corruption of external hyperlinks happen even with Excel 2010, for spreadsheets stored on a Share Point server.

ON save, all absolute hyperlinks are turned into relative hyperlinks, which ruins them.

Let’s say that you’re presenting some results of your financial analysis and your boss asks, “How did you get those results? It just means that the process is less disruptive and more continuous, so it looks more professional.

Show me the spreadsheet.” You could switch to Excel, but it might be more slick to have it available in your Power Point presentation. Try out this unusual technique and see if you like it.