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Learn to recognise and deal with jealousy The word ‘jealousy’ describes a mixed bag of horrible feelings, including: Usually this feels so bad, we’ll do anything we can to avoid it.


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In those rare occasions in which Phi Power asks for your permission to ask for your personal contact information, we will clearly explain why and how the information will be used, and Phi Power will serve as the intermediary to protect your privacy and confidentiality.It is our policy that your personal information will never be used to directly sell or market anything to you, we will guard your personal information, and we will not release it to third parties without your express permission. We will not try to sell you anything or sell your personal information, and we do not issue spam or unsolicited emails.Below is contact information to do that: Child Teen [email protected] Officer Phi Power Communications, Inc.255 E 49th St ste 14d New York, NY 10017 212-355-2341 Parents and guardians can also contact Phi Power via mail, phone, or email to indicate they do not want their children or teenagers contacted for future research — Phi Power will implement those instructions internally and will pass the same instructions to their sub-contractors.While Phi Power has a strict policy against collecting and storing the personal information of children and teens, parents and guardians who contact Phi Power and provide proper identification can contact us to confirm that we have not collected any personally identifiable information about their children or teenagers.If so instructed by a parent or guardian, we will take reasonable steps to search for and delete any such information.Accordingly, while they may pass on some demographic information to us, such as region in which respondents live and the population density of those areas (do they live in a city or out in the country), they do not provide us with personally identifiable information such as email address, name, street address, or phone number.The sub-contractors will issue email invitations from their accounts to potential respondents.

Some are invited and opt-in while visiting specific websites; some are clients’ customers, employees, or audience members who have given permission to be contacted; and some have placed themselves on lists of willing research participants.Again, the purpose of this research is to help our clients provide children and teenagers with more appealing products, services, and programming — it is not to sell or directly market to them.Due to safety concerns, Phi Power does not offer children or teens chat rooms or message boards or Instant Messaging, and due to privacy concerns, does not try to uncover their personal email addresses.We only survey children and teenagers under the age of 18 if their parents or legal guardians or responsible guardians have agreed to participate in research themselves, and, in keeping with the final American FTC Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), only survey them if the parents or guardians have specifically given us permission to survey their children or teenagers.Once a parent or guardian has given their permission, we encourage him or her to supervise the survey.As mentioned, we typically do not collect such personally identifiable information.