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Antarctica’s ice shelves are crucial to global environmental stability because they act as buffers, holding back Antarctic glaciers and ice streams from spilling out into the sea.Rising temperatures and increased water flow could eventually cause Antarctica’s ice shelves to collapse entirely, triggering dangerous sea level rise across the world.ESA says the interferogram measures surface deformation of the ice along the line where it’s splitting apart, which may not be visible on the surface.Two radar images from April 7 and 14, 2017 were combined to create this so-called interferogram showing the growing crack in Antarctica’s Larsen-C ice shelf.

And, quietly, it also updated the game's Denuvo anti-piracy protection.Using images captured by their satellites, European Space Agency (ESA) scientists are watching the Larsen-C crack worsen in slow motion.They combined several radar images to create the following interferogram image of the ice shelf, with its growing crack visible on the right-hand side.Now Adrian Luckman of Swansea University in the UK, who is closely monitoring Larsen C with his colleagues, has released a new animation of the rift's rapid growth. " Luckman said in a tweet about the video on June 16.The images reveal how the rift "jumps" as it slices through bands of weak ice, slows when it hits denser ice, and speeds up again when it encounters more weak ice.The slip-up follows a similar boo-boo by Conan Exiles publisher Funcom, which accidentally released an updated version of the game without any Denuvo protection whatsoever.